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Our Design and Execution capabilities encompass Program Design, Program Mobilisation, PMO Design & Set-up, and Execution Services.

These are core capabilities for Mozaic, having delivered all aspects of the program lifecycle across countless initiatives for more than a decade.

Program Design

Successful delivery of large programs is compromised when a formal Program Design phase is not conducted.

Program Design should be a short, time-boxed phase that builds on a number of key inputs;

  • The vision for the initiative; often referred to as ‘the light on the hill or the north star;
    a description of the high-level target operating model. – i.e. the target state of the organisation post-transformation;
  • High-level structure of the transformation; i.e. the workstreams to be included;
  • The high-level budget for the initiative and;
  • Proposed governance; including identifying the program sponsor and ‘the willing coalition of executives’ who will champion the program.

The focus and deliverables for this phase include:



Program Mobilisation

A major system implementation/change initiative is not the domain of average performers. The project team must be staffed with experienced ‘A’ team resources, including those that have been involved with programs of comparable complexity and size.

Whilst this applies to all resources, in particular, it applies to the program leadership team (we refer to this as the ‘program spine’) comprising:

  • The Program Manager/Director
  • The Change Manager
  • The Business Implementation Manager
  • The Business Architect
  • The Solution Architect
  • The Test Manager
  • The PMO Manager.

One critical foundational activity is the establishment of project, architecture and platform governance, to ensure that the solution evolves in a strategic manner. Key considerations include:

  • Governance or steering constituents
  • Cloud governance
  • Development standards
  • Testing standards
  • Change intake process, categorisation, prioritisation/ assessment
  • Data governance
  • Approval processes
  • Operational tools.

PMO Design and Setup

The Project Management Office (PMO) provide the nerve centre for program delivery; whether at the enterprise/portfolio level or for individual program delivery. Organisations must address the challenge of aligning portfolio, program and project execution with business needs and priorities. An effective PMO can help provide this alignment and prioritisation.

A PMO can also set the delivery framework for projects, proactively manages project resourcing and provide the support, processes and tools required to deliver the forecast outcomes. In so doing, an effective PMO can reduce cost and risk, whilst increasing delivery effectiveness and the likelihood of benefits delivery.

Program Execution

Delivering large-scale projects remains critical to an organisation’s success and the size of the prize, if the project is delivered successfully, can be enormous.

The rate of failure for major projects however, is high, with inadequate program execution being one of the major contributing factors. Large projects typically impact many facets of business and consequently program delivery is often complex, disruptive and high-risk undertaking.

At Mozaic, we help organisations mitigate these risks and hence increase the likelihood of success. In our experience, focusing on the following critical factors vastly increases an organisation’s ability to deliver true value through program execution:

  • Clarity around the strategic intent
  • Active and visible sponsorship
  • Strong, experienced leadership
  • Active stakeholder involvement and engagement
  • Organisational capability and capacity to deliver
  • Robust governance and delivery tracking
  • Proactive risk management

From strategy to outcome, together.

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