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Successful project delivery is critical to the wellbeing of any business. Project success is achieved through confidence in the health of a project and being able to anticipate potential issues early enough to act. Through our project review services, we provide organisations with a view of project and program health, as well as providing an ongoing control mechanism that can be applied at periodic intervals throughout the project lifecycle.

Our health checks are conducted by senior program practitioners with decades of hands-on experience. Our reviews also utilise project diagnostic tools that provide visual and easily assimilated output. Using these tools, improvement areas that will yield the greatest benefit are identified and actions can then be taken accordingly.

Our services encompass:

Set up for success reviews – undertaken at the start of a project or program to help ensure it is initiated on a strong foundation.

Health checks – undertaken at key points during the pro­gram or project lifecycle.

Stage gate reviews – undertaken when a program or project seeks approval to proceed to the next stage.

Post-implementation reviews – undertaken after a program or project has delivered and focuses on capturing lessons learned.

Benefit realisation reviews – undertaken after a program or project has delivered and focusses on ensuring that the right approaches, roles and responsibilities are in place to proactively capture benefits.

From strategy to outcome, together.

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