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As universities increasingly turn their minds and efforts to the challenges of a rapidly evolving market; many are looking for ways to leverage CRM to deliver the experience students and others have come to expect.

To get CRM right however, we must look beyond ‘installation’ of software to implementing solutions that tie directly to the delivery of expected outcomes.  Universities can increase their ability to deliver an exceptional user experience and expected outcomes, through an increased focus on:

  • Clearly and concisely articulating the problem to be solved and the outcomes sought; ensuring they are complete, measurable and proactively managed.
  • Designing for the target state before leaping into development.
  • Ensuring experience design takes a holistic view across the enterprise and caters for the diverse needs of audience groups at different stages in their journey; both on and offline.

This paper provides insights to help organisations navigate several key challenges and avoid some of the common mistakes we have seen in CRM and customer experience implementations.

Download the whitepaper.

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