The Man Behind The Music

The Man Behind The Music

September 20, 2014
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Jeff Lenham is one of Australia’s most experienced multi-instrumentalists and best teachers, having played more than 2,500 professional shows, from the smallest bars to the largest arenas.

‘Almost Famous’ definitely applies; he was part of many acts in his youth before recording with Sony signed / EMI published band Wildland in 1989. They supported The Eurythmics, Cyndi Lauper and many others, got to play all the Entertainment Centres and stadiums in Australia, perform on MTV etc, but never had a hit.

These days he runs CEO Music, a vehicle for providing high-end music services to many clients. Sometimes he teaches and mentors bands and executives, other times he puts together bespoke entertainment for corporates. Jeff provides music-based team building products for companies including Microsoft, Pearson Australia and Telstra.

As well as this, he has a business called NameTonz, founded with respected business identity Matt Handbury, which has an iPhone app based on personalised songs. They are currently pitching to become a white-label content supplier for online florists and dating sites.

Most recently Jeff played ukelele, guitar and keyboards on Christine Anu’s new album, did a bunch of duo shows with Steve Balbi (Noiseworks), Rohan Cannon (Choirboys) and others. He plays jazz guitar for The Fukers ukelele band and is developing and recording Frankie Faux, a female solo act who may well become actually famous in 2015.

Jeff still loves music and is trying to keep getting better at it. His education includes a Jazz Diploma from the NSW Conservatorium of Music and some Computer Science and Maths from Sydney University.