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Mozaic has extensive experience in systems implementation, with particular expertise in:

  • Enterprise Systems
  • Higher Education systems
  • Financial Services systems

as outlined below.

Enterprise Systems

Enterprise systems help to optimise and streamline processes, facilitate business controls and enable staff to perform to their maximum.

Projects to implement and upgrade these systems not only involves significant financial investment but are often more difficult than they seem – particularly if the project involves significant changes to the existing operating model.

We have found that simultaneously focusing on the following key elements greatly increases the likelihood of success:

  • Being clear and definitive on the target state operating model
  • Mobilising the right resources to deliver the project
  • Paying sufficient attention to the people and change aspects
  • Taking a pro-active stance on risk management
  • Robust vendor management
  • Communicating regularly and extensively

We have a rich heritage of helping clients with their systems implementation needs, with extensive experience in major enterprise solutions including Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, Workday and Finance One.

Higher Education Systems

Many tertiary institutions are looking to systems to help them address the increasing challenges in the sector.

Mozaic has been working within the higher education sector for many years, delivering projects aligned to these sector challenges, including:

  • The pressures of research and publication excellence
  • Increased competition for students
  • Meeting student expectations
  • Pressure on funding and the need for operational efficiencies
  • The widely disparate and unique requirements across individual faculties and units

We have a rich heritage of helping clients with their major systems implementation needs, including higher education solutions across:

  • student systems
  • curriculum systems
  • digital marketing and web systems
  • learning management systems
  • research and publication systems and
  • traditional corporate enterprise systems (Finance, ERP & HR).

Financial Services Systems

The financial services industry is under increasing pressure to remain competitive whilst satisfying regulatory requirements, managing costs, meeting customer demands, contending with disruption from new players and keeping pace with the ever-changing digital landscape.

A key lever to help meet these challenges is a concerted focus on core systems; streamlining, consolidating and getting the best out of both new and existing systems; providing the foundation for much of the organisation’s core business and providing a stable platform for integration with new digital applications and services.

Our financial systems experience spans the full spectrum of services from system selection, implementation, upgrade and operational support transition. We have a rich heritage of helping clients with their financial system needs and have worked with major software solutions across:

• Core Banking
• Policy Administration
• Payments and
• Claims.

Leveraging our capabilities in project management, change management and operating model design, we help our clients get the most out of their core financial services systems.

From strategy to outcome, together.

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