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Transformation is not merely a finite program that a project team delivers. It is a state of mind, where executives, managers, marketers and technologists must work collaboratively to continually reflect and adapt business strategy in line with an ever-changing digital, competitive and regulatory landscape. Risks must be calculated but also embraced. Change must be constant and infused into the culture of the organisation.

Research suggests 70% of transformation programs fail to deliver their intended objectives. In our experience, the root cause of transformation programs going off the rails can be attributed to one or more of the following common issues:

  • Lack of clarity around the strategic intent and change narrative
  • Inadequate sponsorship, accountability and alignment
  • Poor governance and QA processes
  • Fragmented program design and setup
  • People and change management components are underestimated, resulting in low engagement/buy-in, a capability deficit and cultural misalignment
  • Immature delivery capability and/or insufficient organisational capacity
  • Failure to adequately plan for and proactively manage risk
  • Insufficient tracking of benefits/outcomes realisation

Our approach to transformation programs focuses on mitigating these risks, building capability and collaborating to design, setup and execute the program successfully. We balance capitalising on delivering ‘quick wins’ to create momentum and build buy-in; whilst ensuring adherence to established program delivery practices, that complex transformation programs demand to stay on track.

Whether embarking on a digital transformation, transforming organisational culture, undertaking a post-merger integration or implementing a new operating model; transformation programs have the potential to deliver significant benefits, but must considered in the context of the organisation as a whole; its people, processes, products, culture; to deliver the experience and value the organisation seeks to create.

We have highly experienced transformation practitioners across a broad range of sectors and industries, with a wealth of knowledge on the challenges, pitfalls and opportunities transformation programs present.

From strategy to outcome, together.

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