Business Change

Business Change

Strategy Execution is an emerging category of skills and competencies related to the successful management of complex, and often transformational business change initiatives. Successful delivery of these initiatives requires focus across a number areas – in particular:

  1. Strategy – ensuring there is clarity about the intended outcomes
  2. People  – ensuring buy-in and ownership of the change to bring the “solution to life”
  3. Project Delivery – ensuring that the initiative delivers the value on time and within budget

The Mozaic Business Change Practice focusses on Strategic Execution. Whether it be technology/application enabled (historically referred to as Systems Integration) or non-technology enabled.  Our work often involves the design of a Target Operating Model (TOM) which documents the future state organisational structures, roles and responsibilities, processes and technology. By focusing on the TOM helps us to ensure that the program and its deliverables are aligned to the Program’s Strategic Intent.

Embarking on Transformational business change is a risky undertaking.  Mozaic mitigates this risk through our skilled practitioners; our decades of large program experience and know-how; and our robust organizational change and program delivery and governance frameworks.