Political Capital

Political Capital – projects by their very nature require that project managers compete for scarce resources and the support of executive stakeholders. To be successful in this environment requires that project managers develop their political skills and savviness. Mozaic Management Consultant is planning an exclusive executive luncheon where our […]

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Customer Service Design

The Mozaic Breakfast Series

Mozaic Management Consultants are excited to invite you to an executive session where renowned speaker Damian Kernahan will share insights and tips on Customer Experience Strategy Design.

This session will discuss how to make sense of ‘voice of the customer’ research without losing sight of your organisation’s commercial business strategy. Damian is Founder and CEO of Proto Partners.

The Mozaic Breakfast Series 11 June 2015 [PDF]

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A word from our Minister for Talent, Andrew Vaughan

The Mozaic business has continued to grow by focusing on the quality of it’s people. This is at the heart of the Mozaic business model. I joined Mike and the Mozaic crew to help manage the AMP account as well as perform the newly created and aptly […]

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The Man Behind The Music


Jeff Lenham is one of Australia’s most experienced multi-instrumentalists and best teachers, having played more than 2,500 professional shows, from the smallest bars to the largest arenas.

‘Almost Famous’ definitely applies; he was part of many acts in his youth before recording with Sony […]

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