A word from our Minister for Talent, Andrew Vaughan

A word from our Minister for Talent, Andrew Vaughan

September 24, 2014
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The Mozaic business has continued to grow by focusing on the quality of it’s people. This is at the heart of the Mozaic business model. I joined Mike and the Mozaic crew to help manage the AMP account as well as perform the newly created and aptly-named “Minister for Talent” role. It is my firm belief that if we continue to engage great talent, we will all do well – consultants, clients and Mozaic together.

From being on the client side of this equation for the last few years, I know that quality must prevail in whatever we do. Hence I see my role as the quality talent scout, the talent connector, and the talent conduit to our teams on client sites.

It is also important that we stay in touch with people we know and I’m making it a priority to connect (or re-connect) with my own network as well as the extended Mozaic “Alumni and friends” network.

Resourcing Hotspots

As you may have read in this newsletter one of the Mozaic Core Values is sharing: “We believe in abundance, sharing new ideas, concepts and know-how both with our clients and our extended consultant community.” In this and coming newsletters, I will be providing updates on “resourcing hotspots” – the areas on the client demand side where gaps exist. It may well be that our extended network know great people who have these skills. In the spirit of “sharing” we would obviously like to hear about them if they do! We have built much of our successful track record in consulting and program delivery through consultants who have been recommended to us through our network. Naturally, the usual Mozaic profile starts with good senior practitioners with a depth of experience in their field. At present “resourcing hotspots” are senior and lead agile business analysts, agile project managers and digital project managers.

To wrap up, if you are after a sounding board on anything from types of work and trends in roles to rates and market directions, please drop me a line, I’d be happy to share and help out. I also hope to meet as many of you as I can face to face in the coming months so I look forward to that. In the meantime – travel well.

Minister for Talent